Stefan Balanescu 個展「潜入捜作」


超・日本画ゼミ」修了生のStefan Balanescu(ステファン・バラネスク)さんの初個展を美学校スタジオで開催します。是非ご来場ください。


Stefan Balanescuは2020〜2022年に当校の超・日本画ゼミを受講し、そこで初めて日本画に触れその技術を身につけました。







出展者:Stefan Balanescu
会 期:2024年6月14日(金)〜18日(火)
時 間:10:00〜20:00(最終日17:00終了)
会 場:美学校 スタジオ(地図


Stefan Balanescu, Under Cover Painter:

Becoming and Depicting the Japanese Business Man, Solo Exhibition

Stefan Balanescu studied Japanese Painting (Nihonga) at Bigakkō, between 2020 and 2022. It is now our pleasure to host his first solo exhibition at our gallery space, Bigakkō Studio in Tokyo.

Stefan was born and raised in London, but has worked for a Japanese company in Tokyo for 7 years, and has painted his experience of the Japanese workplace in both oil and Nihonga since 2020, including his time at our school.

“Undercover Painter”, is a title chosen by the artist to convey the process of “going undercover” to paint salary men whilst also becoming one himself, in turn both becoming subject and voyeur.

“Undercover Painter” also represents the quiet excitement of this practice, and the internal aspect of deliberation and reflection involved in it.

Stefan’s creative process involves taking notes and photographs based on his experiences as a Japanese businessman, and creating sketches of people and places from memory, or based on imagination. Recently he has added sketching from life in his work journal to this process.

The resulting paintings and work journal drawings will be on display in the exhibition, revealing bizarre humanity behind the deadly seriousness, and surprising frivolity of a salary man life of cigarette smoking, drinking and meetings.

Go undercover yourself via his work, and take a glimpse at life in the shiny shoes of a (Western) Japanese businessman.

Artist:Stefan Balanescu
Dates:June 14-18 2024
Opening Times:10:00〜20:00(Last Day Closing is at 17:00)
Location:Bigakko Studio(Map
     〒101-0065 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Nishikanda, 2 Chome−4−6 1F

Stefan Balanescu Home Page:

超・日本画ゼミ(実践と探求) 間島秀徳+小金沢智+香久山雨 Majima Hidenori