【10/29】踊ること、描くこと、震えること Drawing, Dancing, Trembling

【10/29】踊ること、描くこと、震えること Drawing, Dancing, Trembling



An artistic collaboration has been thought out between the Japanese butoh dancer, Marie Arishiro, and the French visual artist, Marie Drouet. The movements of the butoh dance and the drawing will come into being in a dual choreography in front of the audience, and will include their reactions.

From the mental images created by the senses, the perceptions, the emotions and impulsions, the movements in space and the signs on the paper will unfold and develop. The sounds made by these movements will be an integral part of the performance.

(text by Marie Drouet)

ブラインド・ドローイング: マリー・ドゥルエ
舞踏: 有代麻里絵

日 程:2017年10月29日(日)
時 間:開場18:30/開演19:00
料 金:前売2,000円/当日2,500円
予 約
会 場:美学校 本校(地図
    東京都千代田区神田神保町2-20 第二富士ビル

照 明:宇野敦子
音 楽:サエグサユキオ
撮 影:bozzo
協 力:相良ゆみ
主 催:美学校
助 成:アンスティチュ・フランセパリ本部/ナント市
協 力:アンスティチュ・フランセ東京


Blind drawing by Marie Drouet
Dance butoh by Marie Arishiro

Date: 2017.10.29 Sun.
Open: 18:30 / Start: 19:00
add: 2,000yen / door: 2,500yen
Venue: Bigakko (3rd floor, Daini Fuji Building, 2-20 Jimbocho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051)

Lighting designer: Atsuko Uno
Music and Sound composer: Yukio Saegusa
Photo: bozzo
Promotional designer: Miyuki Kuriyama
Cooperation: Yumi Sagara
organized by Bigakko
funded by l’Institut français and la ville de Nantes
in cooperation with : Institut français du Japon – Tokyo, Ko Murobushi Archive



Marie Arishiro
Major in French literature and art history. Since 2008, participant in Yoshito Ohno workshop, in Mitsuyo Uesugi “Tuesday Meetings” and in the Ko Murobushi workshop. Choreographed solo works including “On the Brink”, “Drowned Angel”, and “After Killing Thousands of Angels Every Morning” (2015), “The Mirror of Orpheus” (TPAM Showcase 2016), “The Rainbow in <Left> ーSwinging back” (TPAM Fringe 2017).



Marie Drouet, visual artist, lives in Nantes, France.
Since 2009, she does several projects in Japan : a residency in BankART, Yokohama (2010) where she discovers the Butoh dance with Yoshito Ohno ; then the project « Distance-Continuity », with Chihiro Minato, photos and paintings after Fukushima.
In 2017, Marie Drouet proposed to 3 Butoh dancers collaborating with her. To Kyoto and Tokyo, in this October, several performances dance-drawing wil be presented to the public.